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Dehradun scientists discover a new penguin colony in Antarctica

Scientists from Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun (WII) have made a remarkable discovery in the polar caps of Antarctica. The experts have discovered a new breeding colony of Adélie penguin with over 800 nests. Apart from India, researchers from China and Russia were also present in that region, but it was the Indian researchers who first found out the breeding penguin colony. It is believed that due to the climate change the penguins are forced to migrate from their original breeding grounds. The environmental imbalance is also responsible for sudden snowfall which damages 20% of the penguin eggs.

Two Indian research stations are situated at Larsemann Hills and Schirmacher Oasis in the southern hemisphere of Antarctica. These places are also known as Maitri and Bharti respectively. The WII wildlife experts are at South Pole observing the Antarctican aviary species such as snow petral, storm petral, south polar skua and Adélie penguin. While experts from Russia and China are also present in the region, the mention of a new Adélie penguin colony has not been mentioned in their survey. Senior WII scientists Dr. Shiv Kumar and Anant Pandey are working in Antarctica. “Antarctican aviary data from 2008 to 2016 has been collected so far” explains Anant Pandey. The researchers will shift their focus towards climate change.

Inputs from Amar Ujala