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Dehradun: Dug-up roads in Uttarakhand capital to be fixed by June 15

The roads dug up for placing underground sewage lines or water pipelines will be restored before the monsoon hits the city, ABD has assured. Asian Development Bank (ADB) which is working in conjunction with Government of Uttarakhand have vowed to fix all the dug up roads in Dehradun before June 15. However, even after ADB’s reassurance time and time again, the condition of the roads have only got worse. Some the roads in the capital city have been dug up more than two years ago without any sign of any work being done.

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BJP MLA Harbansh Kapoor have been quite vocal about the abysmal state of roads in the city. During his recent visit to Patel Nagar and Sanjay Colony, the disgruntled MLA reprimanded officials for their negligence and ineptness. At some places the laying down sewage lines – for which the roads where dug up the first place – have not even started  which only delays road restoration work.

Condition of roads at these places in Dehradun are abysmal

Engineer’s EnclavePanditwari, Dhartawala, Van Vihar, Kaulagarh Road, Ram Vihar, Mohit Vihar, Patel Nagar, Sanjay Colony,  near Radhakrishna Mandir, Street No. 4 and 9 at Rajendera Nagar and Loharwala.

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