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Dehradun airport breaks record with maximum number of flying passengers

2016-2017 has been a golden year for the state as the Jolly Grant airport at Dehradun has shattered the records by witnessing a maximum number of flyers. The year 2016-17 has given a new ray of hope to Uttarakhand as the number of flying passengers has increased which in turn will give a much-needed boost to tourism, pilgrimage and new businesses to flourish here. From 2016-2017 around 3,57,216 international as well as local tourists flying from different airlines landed at the Dehradun airport and around 3,64,080 tourists took their flight from here. This is the biggest record made by the airport.

2013 Catastrophe resulted in the minimum number of flying passengers at Dehradun airport

After the horrific event of 2013 Floods, many tourists took a step back from visiting the state. This resulted in lesser number of tourists and pilgrims visiting Uttarakhand. Many airline holding companies even cancelled their flights to Uttarakhand. Speculations were made that if continues the airport will soon be shut down due to the lack of flying passengers. But it didn’t take much time to turn the tables around, as this year all the records of the passengers flying to and fro from the Dehradun airport were broken. Between 2016-2017 more than seven lakh passengers took flight from here. And this doesn’t include the number of chartered flights and the Private flights taken by the flying passengers.

Here are the records of the flying passengers recorded at the Dehradun airport:

Number of Flying Passengers that reached the Jolly Grant airport

Between 2011-2012 total 88,502 flying passengers reached the airport. In 2012-2013 around 1,20,907 passengers, 2014-2015 1,90,269 flyers, in 2015-2016 about 2,20,712 flying passengers and 2016-2017 about 357216 passengers reached the airport.

Number of Flying Passengers that took their flight from the Jolly Grant airport

During 2011-12 total 89198 flying passengers flew from the Dehradun airport. In 2012-2013 around 2,20,027 flying passengers, 2013-2014 around 1,54,462 passengers, 2014-2015 around 194036 flyers, 2015-16 around 2,22,134 flying passengers and 2016-2017 around 364080 passengers took their flight from the airport.