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Corbett National Park’s New Route to open from Kotdwar

Forest Minister, Dr Harak Singh Rawat said that for boosting tourism in the state two new gates of Corbett National Park will be opened at Kotdwar. This decision is taken to lure the wildlife lovers for exploring the diversity of wildlife offered at the national park. While addressing the media, Forest Minister Dr Rawat said that two new gates will be opened from Kotdwar. Since these gates will be close to Delhi, it will cut off the travelling distance up to Ramnagar which in turn will attract more tourists towards it.

Corbett’s New Route to open from Kotdwara

Src: Inside Jim Corbett National Park

To wave the flag of eco-tourism in the state, Kotdwar, Kolhuchaur, Dugada, Vatanvasa, Haldupadav, Durgadevi and Lohachaur towns will also be developed by the government. He further told that the snow leopard conservation scheme will be started in the Himalayan regions of the state. Apart from this jungle safari will be started in the Haldwani zoo. A new zoo is being opened at the Kadwashram and the department has promised to come up with 10 new veterinary doctors.

The family of the victims killed during human animal scuffle will receive more compensation

The Forest Minister told that the victims killed during the human-animal conflict will now be given an increased compensation charge of Rs 5,00,000 from Rs 3,00,000.

Corbett’s New Route to open from Kotdwara

Src: Human Animal Conflict is increasing in the state

Kandi Road will be carved to stop the Human-Animal conflict.

Dr Rawat told that the road laid from Kotdwar to Kandi will not only shorten the distance between Garhwal and Kumaon but will also decrease the human-wildlife conflict. He further told that to decrease the human-animal scuffle wall, fencing and solar fencing will be ordered from Europe and Africa. Apart from this protective measures will be taken to stop the forest fires from spreading. The Forest Minister further told that to keep a check on the forest fires, 5,614 fire watchers and 414 other workers will be appointed.