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Plastic no longer an Eyesore: Road Construction in Uttarakhand begins with Plastic

Plastic menace has become a major problem for the entire world as it takes more than 450 years for a single plastic bottle to degrade so just imagine how much time will it take for millions of plastic bottles to degrade? May be infinite years. But with this new discovery, a little relief has been provided to get rid of the plastic waste by carving swift roads out of it. The PWD department has started the work of constructing roads out of plastic at Harrawala-Nahad route in Sahaspur zone of Dehradun. After successfully laying the road, the PWD department will construct four more roads made out of plastic in the first stage.

Plastic no longer an Eyesore: Road Construction in Uttarakhand begins with Plastic

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The first stone for the construction of the 8.6 km long Harrawala-Nahad road was kept by the Legislator of Sahaspur zone, Sahdev Singh Pundir which will be carved with an estimated budget of Rs 70 lakh. The roads made from plastic will not only last long but will also remain unaffected by the rainfall. By using plastic for making roads around Rs 2.5 lakh will be saved from the road budget. The quantity of coal tar used for road construction will be also be reduced by 8 to 10%. Other roads to be made from plastic are the Suddhowala Polytechnic road to Bhadrakali Temple, Bhaavwala-Suddhowala area, Nandi Chowki-Badoli and Jhunga Village in the temple area.

Plastic waste priced at Rs 15 per kilo

The PWD department has declared that anybody can sell plastic waste now. The price for which has been kept at Rs 15 per kilo. If the PWD vehicle will visit your home for collecting plastic waste then the price will decrease to Rs 12 per kilos. The plastic waste that can be sold comprises of polyethene, bottles and other plastic materials that can be moulded with hands.