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Commission formulated for Kedarnath Disaster Relief Scam

The dusty file of the Kedarnath Disaster Relief Scam has been re-opened for which a commission has been formulated under the guidance of MS Chauhan, the retired Chief Justice of High Court. In 2013, the Cabinet took the decision of looking into the matter of the disaster relief scam, which has been obliged by the retired Chief Justice of Punjab High Court. Looking into the grave matter, the General Administration Department has issued the notifications.

The reports to the State Government will be presented by the commission after completing the six month of the notification period. If needed, the commission will extend the time limit of the examination period. The State Government is conducting an investigation on the disaster relief scam in lieu of the order passed by the Uttarakhand Information Commission on April 15, 2015. This order was passed after the case of Bhupendra Kumar against the Rudraprayag Collectorate.

Let’s see whether the committee will bring forth the facts or will bend its knees in front of the government, only time can tell this. However, by formulating the examination committee for the Kedarnath Disaster Relief Scam, the government has given a message of anti-corruption.