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CM visits Pithoragarh, lays foundation stone for 10 projects worth 18 crore!

In his maiden visit to Pithoragarh district as Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Trivendra Singh Rawat laid the foundation stone for 10 development projects worth 18 crore in the district. He also organized public meet n’ greet and listened to public grievances. Apart from laying the foundation stone, CM also made several announcements regarding the future development plans. He also made it clear that Pithoragarh has immense tourism potential which cannot be ignored.

Uttarakhand CM Trivendra Rawat lays the foundation stone for development projects in Pithoragarh district.  (Image Source)

Here are the 10 projects sanctioned by CM Trivendra Singh Rawat at Pithoragarh:

  1. Khatigaon Drinking Water Scheme (worth 26.68 lakh)
  2. Baksil Drinking Water Scheme (worth 73.3 lakh)
  3. Chana Pandey Drinking Water Scheme (worth 24.42 lakh)
  4. Gaithigada Drinking Water Scheme (worth 55.1 lakh)
  5. Khuna Drinking Water Scheme (worth 64.14 lakh)
  6. Construction of stage 2 of Bhattigoan-Kairali motorable Road (worth 184.89 lakh)
  7. Construction of Aincholi-Syuni motorable Road (worth 586.61 lakh)
  8. Construction of Haliyajaab-Gararu motorable Road (worth 434.22 lakh)
  9. Reconstruction and rehabilitation of Drinking Water Scheme at Dharchula town (worth 209.95 lakh)
  10. Construction of Maternal Child Health and Family Welfare center at Baluwakote (worth 153.85 lakh)

CM Trivendra Singh Rawat listening to grievances of public at Pithoragarh district.   (Image Source)

Apart from the above mentioned projects, CM also announced funds worth 2.8 crore for the renovation and rehabilitation of Rai and Tharkot lake from tourism point of view. He also sanctioned funds worth 1.5 crore for construction for ICU and Trauma Center at Pithoragarh district hospital apart from the allocation of additional 50 beds for patients.

Future projects outlined by Uttarakhand CM for Pithoragarh district:

  • Construction of Sewerage Project Phase-2 in Pithoragarh
  • Construction of Drinking Water Distribution System in Pithoragarh
  • Goranghati Block Drinking Water Scheme
  • Construction of Base hospital building in Pithoragarh
  • Development of industrial zones in the district
  • Medical college in Pithoragarh
  • Forest Guest House (FRH) at Gangolighat and Dharchula
  • Garkha-Lift Drinking Water Scheme
  • Renovation of Bungachina, Nagroda, Suvalekh-Rasepata, Almora motor roads
  • Construction of B.R. Ambedkar Park and Inspiration Center at Berinag
  • Construction of Kunuku-Dhurchu motor road
  • Gadhai-Basukinag Drinking Water Scheme
  • Digara Muwani Drinking Water Scheme
  • Post graduation courses at Gangolighat

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