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4 key points from Uttarakhand CM Trivendra Rawat’s first press conference

Trivendra Rawat carried out his first press conference as a Chief Minister where he discussed about his policies regarding Uttarakhand development, especially how his government will tackle issues of migration and unemployment in the state. In the press conference before first Legislative Assembly session scheduled on March 24, Trivendra Rawat was questioned regarding various issues marring Uttarakhand, and the CM was stern and determinant to resolve all of them at earliest.

Trivendra Rawat

CM Trivendra Rawat, along with minister Prakash Pant and Madan Kaushik, addresses a press conference in Dehradun on Monday. (Image Source)

Here are the 4 key decisions taken by Uttarakhand government under Trivendra Singh Rawat in his first week in-charge:

1. Kandi Road open for public, to reduce distance between Garhwal and Kumaon

The Uttarakhand government will soon open the Kandi Road for public transportation. The Kandi Road connects Garhwal with Kumaon region via Corbett National Park and is expected to reduce the distance by 2 hours. At present the people travelling from Dehradun to Ramnagar or vice-versa, are required to travel via Uttar Pradesh.  The road connects Kotdwara with Ramnagar (Nainital) via Kaulagarh. Since the road passes through Jim Corbett Park, the Uttarakhand government will seek permission from Central government in this matter.

2. Government to adopt firm policy to stop migration

Migration of natives from the villages is one of the major issue that marred Uttarakhand for decades. Trivendra Singh Rawat assured to take decisive steps to stop migration, especially from the villages which are close to the international borders. The government will also seek help from the experts as well as Uttarakhand natives living in India and abroad. The reasons behind the industrial migration will also be investigated and resolved at earliest.

3. Stern action against corrupt and clumsy officials

Keeping in line with BJP’s transparent and accountable governance, Uttarakhand government issued a warning against corrupt officials and hinted stern action against them in the court of law. During his press conference with journalists, Trivendra Rawat vowed to eradicate the syndicate of corrupt officials and ordered district magistrate and police officials to keep their mobile phones switched on all the time. CM also ordered police officers to keep law and order in the state in check.

4. Government to keep check on expenditure

Uttarakhand CM expressed concern over Uttarakhand’s 45,000 crore debt and admitted to the dwindling economy of the state. The government will look for alternative to increase the sources of income for the state. In the meantime, Trivendra Singh has asked ministers, MLAs and officials to cut off unnecessary expenditure. No extra services will be provided to the officials unless deemed necessary.  Nepotism will not be tolerated at any cost; only merit will be rewarded in the government.

The first Legislative Assembly session under the new government is scheduled on March 24.