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Great! Baahubali-inspired theme park in Haridwar, Char Dham in Kumaon

For a state like Uttarakhand which is bestowed with spellbinding natural beauty and divine presence in the form of revered shrines, tourism and pilgrimage forms the back bone of the economy. Since its creation in 2000, Uttarakhand have not been able to fully explore the tourism opportunities in the region like the neighboring state Himachal Pradesh have done to some greater extent. The present Uttarakhand government which came in to power in March 2017, have laid out few ambitious projects to revive the dwindling tourism in the state. However, whether these projects will be realized or will remain in paper, only time will tell.

Char Dham of Kumaon

In what seems like a good decision to encourage tourism in Uttarakhand, the government is planning to start Char Dham pilgrimage in Kumaon region. Jageshwar, Devidhura, Gangolighat and Golu Devta’s native place will be recognized as the Char Dham. Modern technology will be used to beautify the shrines, especially at the night with the help of impressive light and sound system . In a press conference in Prem Ashram in Haridwar, Tourism minister Satpal Maharaj stressed the importance of developing pilgrimage hand-in-hand with other tourism in the state. Several polices are in pipeline to elevate the popularity of various pilgrimage sites in Uttarakhand.

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Cultural Theme Park in Haridwar

Uttarakhand tourism department is also planning to built a theme park in Haridwar which showcases the rich cultural and religious traditions of India. The grandiosity at the cultural theme park will be developed with the help of team responsible for creating epic movie sets in the acclaimed movie Baahubali. The Haridwar theme park will be adorned with huge statues of deities of Hindu pantheon. The mythologies related to Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Mother Ganga, Shaktipeeths and Panch Kedars will be retold with the help of 3D holography. The famous Ganga Aarti at Hari ki Pauri at Haridwar will be made more grandiose.

The theme park will be developed with the help of team responsible for creating movie sets in the movie Baahubali. (Image Source)

One of the sets used in the popular movie Baahubali. (Image Credit: Sabu Sahil)

World class Winter Destination at Higher Altitudes

In order to discourage the migration from the hilly regions of the Uttarakhand, the tourism department will develop winter destinations in Uttarakhand. Apart from sky resort in Auli, Uttarakhand doesn’t have really have proper winter destination that could attract tourists. In snow-bound regions, world class skiing resorts will be created with the capability to host professional winter games. Increase in tourism will create employment and enterprise opportunities for the locals which will instrumental in reversing the migration in the state.

Representational image: Apart from sky resort in Auli, Uttarakhand doesn’t have have proper winter destinations. (Image Source)

Karnprayag railway project will break records: Satpal Maharaj

The railway line to the the far reaches of Karnprayag in Chamoli district (417 kms from Delhi) will not only be a blessing for the people living in hills but fr the tourists travelling to Uttarakhand as well. Satpal Maharaj said that Uttarakhand government have received allocation of worth 16,200 crore for the Karnprayag Railway project. A 11-km long tunnel will be created near Sankni Dhaar, which will get a mention in Guinness Book of World Records. Railway stations along the route have been identified and government land has been sanctioned for the project.  A railway line to the heart of Uttarakhand will be a major boost to draw tourists into the state.

Representational image: A railway line to the heart of Uttarakhand will be a major step to draw tourists into the state. (Source)

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