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Bio-metric Attendance to be taken at the Degree Colleges of Uttarakhand

Taking note of the sparsely filled classes, the Degree colleges have come to a notion that from now onwards the students and faculty have to mark their biometric attendance. The education minister has decided that all the Universities will abide by the rule and a notice will be issued for it. The government has also decided to make this rule mandatory from the present academic session and all the government degree colleges along with the private degree colleges will have to take the biometric attendance of the students as well as the faculty and staff.

Bio-metric Attendance to be taken at the Degree Colleges

Src: Bio-metric Attendance will be taken at the Degree Colleges in Uttarakhand from this academic session

The attendance record will be checked after every six months which will ensure improvement in the attendance of the teachers and students, thereby improving the education standards. All the Universities and colleges of Uttarakhand have been ordered to follow this rule.