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Government imposes Ban on Plastic-Thermocol Products in Uttarakhand

Looking at the heaps of plastic and thermocol products carelessly lying around the tourist places and public areas, the Uttarakhand Government has imposed a ban on the sale and use of plastic and thermocol products. On January 11, 2017, the Chief Secretary of Uttarakhand released an order to put a ban on plastic and thermocol. From Jan 11, those who will use or sell plastic or thermocol things will have to pay a fine of Rs. 5,000. The State Government has also informed the High Court regarding this matter.

Rs 5,000 fine on using plastic-thermocol products from Jan 11, 2017

The government expects everybody to abide by the rules and stay away from using plastic-thermocol products. According to the information given to the High Court, in the city areas, the Municipal Commissioner, and the EO will be held responsible. And in the rural areas, the District Panchayat’s MMA and Van Pachayat’s DFO will check the use of plastic-thermocol products.

Great step towards a ‘clean’ Uttarakhand and a ‘better’ Uttarakhand

This is a great step taken by the government towards developing an Eco-friendly environment for the people. But if we as individuals will not change our habits then nothing will change. Firstly, we need to stop littering around the place instead use the Nagar Nigam dustbins to throw garbage. Carry waste bags while visiting tourist places so you can safely dispose of the waste afterward. So let’s  pledge to keep our environs clean and say no to plastic and thermocol products.