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Apple farmers in Uttarakhand to learn new cultivation techniques from neighbor Himachal

In the state of Uttarakhand, the cultivation of apple is carried out in 34,000 hectare of land which is slowing decreasing due to the lack of incentives and change in weather pattern. In order to tackle this problem, Haldwani Mandi Parishad will send a delegation of farmers to Himachal for a week in order to study the innovative cultivation techniques. The decision came after it was evident that the apple farmers are switching to apricot cultivation, most notably in Mukteshwar area of Nainital district due to its great demand in market as well as suitability to the climate pattern.

Apricot cultivation is on the rise as the weather condition is conducive. Lack of government incentives is also leading to a situation where the farmers are forced to move away from apples.

– Khivraj Singh Bisht, an apple farmer

However, the government is leaving no stones unturned in bringing farmers back to apple cultivation. In fact, it is currently on the top priority in the horticulture department.

We will be introducing the ‘Spur’ variety in the areas where the climate is turning warm. Apart from this, the Apple Mission which is an intensive project to promote apple cultivation would reach out to the farmers with better techniques, technology transfer and improved plants so that the income and apple production can be raised.

– B.S. Negi, Director, Horticulture Dept.

Inputs from Hindustan Times