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Allowance for Police and SDRF officials posted at 9,000 ft and above

Uttarakhand government has announced that Police and State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) officials will receive an altitude allowance. In which each personnel posted at 9,000 feet and above will receive Rs 200 per day as an allowance. Since working at high elevation and in extreme weather conditions is a tough job, the government has provided a little relief to them. This allowance will be applicable from Jan 3, 2017.

This decision should not receive a backlash from other government employees

No doubt that the government had made a great decision but other government employees shouldn’t think of it as a great opportunity to ask for a raise, as the conditions in which the Police and SDRF officials are working is different.

Finally, a sigh of relief for Uttarakhand Police who has been raising their voice for altitude allowance from past many years

Earlier this month, CM Harish Rawat organized a meeting with the Police and the chief officers of the Home Department, in which he discussed about the altitude allowance. It is said that the decision is still waiting for the approval of the Finance Department.