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Burning Waste in Open triggers Pollution and Air borne diseases in Dehradun

Dehradun which proudly boasts of its lush green environs is being slashed by the denizens who instead of conserving its beauty are ruining it. Being well aware of the fact that NGT has put a ban on burning garbage in open fields and at trenching grounds, still few ignorant ones are doing it. Such kind of negligence can be witnessed in many areas of Dehradun where waste is set ablaze either outside the home, in the backyard, plots or at the nearby trenching grounds. On Wednesday, one such incident was witnessed at Virpur, Garhi Cantt where heaps of waste was being burned profusely. The Virpur trenching ground is situated close to the army cantonment area and is only 500 metres away from a school, where the health of the students is at stake.

Burning Waste in Open triggers Pollution and Air borne diseases in Dehradun

Src: Trash burning seen at the trenching ground located on Sahastradhara road, Dehradun

Dun’s  jade blue skies have now turned into thick dark clouds of smoke

Because of the laxity of the government and the locals, the clear blue skies of Dehradun have now turned into dark clouds of smoke. And this is just one case as there are several other trenching grounds like the one at Sahastradhara road which is facing similar issues. Non-degradable and toxic waste like polythene, plastic, batteries etc are being burned in open which can deteriorate the health of the locals as several airborne diseases are spread due to air pollution. To make Doon beautiful and clean, the vehicle of Nagar Nigam regularly visits each home so people can give away the trash but still some people are burning it in open. This has brought shame to the locals as Doon which is hailed as the ‘Education Hub of  India’ has people who are sabotaging their own palatial environment. This is a wake-up call for everybody who is either living in the city or care for the environmental issues “stop burning waste in open” and be an example for others as well. If you see somebody who is burning the garbage in open then stop them and enlighten them about its haphazard.