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Aruna Danwasi – the youngest candidate to contest in 2017 Uttarakhand elections

At the ripe age of 25, when the general consensus among women is to find a good career path and have a well-settled life, Aruna Danwasi, a young women from the hills of Uttarakhand has vowed not to get married. Reason – she wants to devote all her time in social service for the upliftment of her region in terms of  education, health facilities and infrastructure. Contesting from the Badrinath seat, she is the youngest candidate in the upcoming 2017 assembly elections in Uttarakhand. She is also the first woman to contest from the Badrinath constituency.

Humble beginnings

Hailing from Urgam village near Joshimath, Aruna Danwasi recalls how her mother may have laid the stepping stones for her in politics. “13 years ago, my mother was elected as Gram Pradhan of the village and she has been my role model ever since.” – Aruna reminisces. “People in our village are excited with my nomination and are eager to help in whichever way they can.” – she adds. Her father has already sold part of his agricultural land to fund her campaign for the election.

2017 Uttarakhand elections

Aruna Danwasi is the first woman to contest from the Badrinath constituency. (Image Source)

Aruna actively participated in social services from a young age. When she was in high school, she used her free time after school hours to teach illiterate women and small children. She was also a teacher at Vishwa Hindu Parishad-run centre. Later in her years, she actively raised local issues in her village and surrounding areas at various platforms.

For the people, by the people

“I always wanted to study science in my school but could not do so, as there was no science teacher in the school. I want to change that.” vows Aruna. She states that improving the condition of education, health and civic amenities, in the villages of her constituency is her first and foremost goal if she is elected. Her words convey a sense of determination and resilience to fight for her people. “The people in my village and in nearby areas are very encouraging and supportive. I expect to get good number of votes, especially from the women voters as never before a women contestant for the Badrinath seat.”

The 2017 Uttarakhand elections will take place on February 15 with results to be declared on March 11.