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After 18 Years Martyr’s Village has no Roads brings shame to U’khand Government

‘The Land of Gods’ hailed for its divinity has given birth to men of honour who have shed their blood for safeguarding the country. And it won’t be wrong to validate the fact that every single family in Uttarakhand, especially in the hilly areas has at least one member serving in the armed forces. When one soldier loses his life while showing valour at the battleground, the government shower accolades and promises several declarations in the name of the martyr that are only confined to a piece of paper. About 18 years ago, one such promise was made by the government to connect Kargil Martyr, Dinesh Dutt Bahuguna’s village Khemda with roads which haven’t been fulfilled yet.

Dinesh Dutt Bahuguna posted in the 17th Garhwal Rifles was the native of Khemda village who died while proving his mettle at Baramulla in Kargil on June 30, 1999, after which the government announced to make swift roads connecting the martyr’s village with the world outside. In 2004, Bhagirathipuram-Khemda-Kundali 5 km motorable road was slated to be made with a fund of Rs 69 lakh. After receiving the funds, the forests were not cleared due to which the proposed plan didn’t cam into action. Consequently Talli Bagi, Judh, Barkot-Chawadant, Khemda, Chopda and Kundali having a population of 500 people are till date covering miles of distance on foot. With little hope left in their heart now these villagers are knocking the doors of PWD Department to seek help but sadly, the officials seem to be disinterested and are not taking the matter seriously.

After 18 Years Martyr’s Village has no Roads brings shame to U'khand Government

K.S. Negi, Governing Engineer PWD Boradi said, “We have only received approval of the government, therefore the work hasn’t been started yet. The Forest land and other issues that were coming in between were earlier hampering the work process. But now the matter has been transferred to the DPR Department and after getting the green flag from the department, the work will be initiated soon”.

The martyrs who spent sleepless nights at borders to protect us from the terror are often disregarded for the grave work they do. The promises made in the name of these martyrs are often left unfulfilled, which in a way is a mockery on their sacrifice. These arm-chair swindlers show dreams to the martyr’s family which are later shattered into pieces. The government allots money and the corrupt officials hoard it, without fulfilling the objective. It’s high time the government should investigate this matter and take strict actions so that every promise made in the name of a martyr gets fulfilled.