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After 9 years, 2-km long Chaka-Budoli road in Rudraprayag district is still incomplete

In another instance of negligence by the administration and governments in Uttarakhand, a 2-km road from Chaka to Budoli in Rudraprayag still awaits completion – even after 9 years. The Public Works Department (PWD) only managed the cutting for a kilometer in all these years which has since deteriorated and become prone to accidents. The Chaka-Budoli road project was approved in 2008 which would have provided a means of transportation for Chaka, Budoli, Kumedi and other nearby villages. The development work was undertaken by PWD (Rudraprayag).

We received approval from the government for the completion of 1 kilometer of road only which PWD completed. For the next 1 km, we neither received theoretical approval nor any financial aide. The correspondence is in process in this regard.

– Indrajeet Bose, Executive Engineer, PWD

Had the road been completed in time, it would have connected these villages with Augustyamuni and Vijayanagar. However, only 1 km of the road was cut in these 9 years, which is also in a dilapidated condition to negligence. The villagers in the region, who had to walk 3-km everyday, have warned of a protest if the road is not completed at earliest.

Inputs from Amar Ujala