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Around 65 villages, 4000 Toks still bereft of electricity in Uttarakhand

Since the inception of Uttarakhand 17 years ago, around 65 villages and more than 4,000 Toks (units smaller than villages) are deprived of electricity and are forced to live in darkness. The alarming statistics came into light when an independent MLA Preetam Singh Panwar questioned the state government during the budget session of the State Assembly. MLA Panwar called out the claims made by the government that Uttarakhand has become a surplus state in terms of providing electricity to each and every village.

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Prakash Pant admitted that while 65 revenue villages and 4758 Toks are yet to be connected with electricity, the government, in their state budget, have vowed to provide road connectivity and electricity to each and every household by 2019. “Out of 65 villages, the government is planning to provide electricity via solar power. We have already floated tenders in this regard.” he added.  In order to reverse the trend of migration in Uttarakhand, the government should be committed to provide basic amenities on priority basis.

Inputs from Daily Pioneer