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Plastic Ban in Uttarakhand: 5 reasons why plastic is a ticking time bomb

The Uttarakhand High Court has once again jolted the government officials from their sleep and taken a strict stance on the ban of plastic and polythene in the state, especially along the rivers and the eco-sensitive regions. So far, the high court orders have fallen on deaf ears as the state government has been sluggish in the implementation of  these orders. Plastic waste has always been considered a grave danger to the environment and governments all across the globe have taken proactive steps to implement plastic and polythene ban.

Still not sure if you should give up using polythene and look for eco-friendly alternatives such as tote bags and jute bags? We have listed 5 reasons why all plastic should be removed from the face of the earth.

plastic infographic

Infographic: The total time taken by plastic items to decompose in oceans. (Image Credit)

Plastic is indestructible. Yes, you heard that right. Everything which is in existence has a beginning and an end. Except plastic. Plastic never really degrade in its truest sense. At best, it fragments into little pieces which finds its way into the ocean and unfortunately consumed by the marine wildlife.

Plastic is to man what kryptonite is to Superman – toxic. People think burning large piles of plastic or polythene bags will eventually help us get rid of the plastic waste, right? Wrong. It makes situation even worse because when the plastic is burned, it releases carbon monoxide which is a poisonous gas and very harmful to humans and other living beings.

Approximately 10–20 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans each year. (Image Credit)

Plastic contribute to climate change. The world is divided on the issue of climate change. Many are in denial about climate change while the ozone hole in our atmosphere gets wider and wider. The polar ice caps are melting and plastic plays a key role. The production of plastic such as polythene bags release greenhouse gases which contribute to the global warming.

Plastic is the world’s worst pollutant.  They can pervade the land. They can pervade the water.  Due to their indestructible nature, a plastic bag can survive for millions of years and thus pollute the environment almost for an eternity – which is not a good news. What’s worse, they are not easy to recycle and the recycled plastic also ends up in the ocean eventually.

Plastic bag bans are effective. I know, it sounds ironic here in India but hear me out. Other governments around the world have been successful in banning the usage of plastic and polythene bags to a greater extent and we could achieve the same results. One way is to impose a polythene tax where the consumer will have to pay few extra bucks for the use of plastic bags in public.

Long story short, the global world stands at a very crucial period where humanity as a whole have to come out of their collective ignorance for once and save the degrading environment to the best of their capabilities.  As for the Uttarakhand, it is still too early to say whether the government  will finally come out of its own slumber and take proactive steps to minimize the use of polythene in the state.