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24 Villages in Nainital to Boycott 2017 Uttarakhand Assembly Elections

The people of Uttarakhand have taken PM’s statement “Pahad ka pani aur pahad ki jawani pahad ke kaam nahi aati” way too seriously as over 16,000 people living in the 24 villagers of Nainital district have in unison decided to boycott 2017 Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly Elections. These villagers are in the opinion that politicians only turn at their doors during the time of election after which they vanish and the woes of villagers are left unheard. Their problems remain unsolved, their stories left unheard and the purpose of voting remains unfulfilled. Therefore, the villagers feel that Assembly polls are the best time to highlight their problems and share their grievances as this is the time when the politicians are in their active mode with ears and eyes all wide open as if they have woken up from slumber.

Since these villagers are deprived of the basic facilities like ration card, heath care and education centres they want to protest in silence by not casting votes. While the authorities remarked that these facilities could not reach the villages are they come under ‘Van Gram’ and not ‘Revenue Village’. So let’s see whether the protest of villagers will open the eyes of the politicians or they’ll find some other way to bag votes.