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2017 Uttarakhand Exit Polls predict BJP to win majority, form government

As we inch closer to the vote counting that will decide the political fate of Uttarakhand for the next five years, the electorate is waiting for March 11 when the results are out. The voters in Uttarakhand turned out in record numbers signalling the urgency in the people. Various survey agencies have come up with their own independent 2017 Uttarakhand exit polls in at attempt to predict the future. The political parties will need to win 36 out of 70 seats to form government without external support.

BJP and Congress are two heavyweights in the 2017 Uttarakhand political battle. (Image Source)

2017 Uttarakhand Exit Polls favours BJP

According to India Today with the help of Axis My India survey company, BJP will have landslide victory in Uttarakhand with 46-53 seats  in their favor. According to the survey, Congress will only manage to get 12-21 seats with 1-4 seats for other candidates. ABP News and Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) have put BJP seats tally at 34-42 while Congress will sweep around 23-29 seats. Another news network News Today have predicted a staggering 53 seats for BJP while only 15 seats for Congress. India News network has pegged BJP at 38 and Congress at seats, hinting a close contest between the two parties.

2017 Uttarakhand Exit Polls

According to the exit polls, BJP is likely to win majority in Uttarakhand. (Image Source)

If 2017 Uttarakhand exit polls is believed, it is safe to say BJP is emerging as the top contender in 2017 assembly elections. Much is attributed to the fact that Hon’ble PM Modi conducted 4 rallies in Uttarakhand along BJP supremo Amit Shah who held public rallies in both hills and plains of Uttarakhand.

Congress hopeful, BJP sure of win with majority

For Congress party’s poor performance in the exit polls, Congress CM Harish Rawat have rubbished the predictions stating these surveys have been proved incorrect before. He firmly believes the Uttarakhand people will help win Congress party with absolute majority. Whereas, BJP state president Ajay Bhatt have termed the predictions as an indication that people have been fed up with Congress government. He firmly believes lotus flower will bloom in Uttarakhand.

However,  the electorate have proved the exit polls wrong time and time again. So it will be wise to not take the exit poll predictions at face value. One could only wait until the election results are announced to conclude who emerges victorious in this political tug-of-war.