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2017 Uttarakhand Elections goes high-tech, good news for voters

In order to make the polling process easier, Election Commission has taken various steps to improve their online visibility during the upcoming assembly elections. Election Commission hopes that their presence in social media as well as on internet will help in encouraging young voters to get themselves registered. The 2017 Uttarakhand Elections will take place on February 15. The counting of votes for all the poll-bound states will take place on March 11.

Facebook and Twitter accounts

Election Commission has set up Facebook and Twitter accounts where voters could give their suggestions as well as register complaints regarding any malpractices during the moral code of conduct. With the opening social media accounts, Election Commission expects to reach a wider audience, especially young voters. The social media accounts for Chief Electoral Officer, Uttarakhand are as follows:

 Uttarakhand Election 2017 Facebook Page 

Uttarakhand Election 2017 Twitter Account

Online registration of voters

Eligible voters can now apply online for registration for voting during the elections. Election Commission has set up National Voter Service Portal (www.nvsp.in) where voters can register themselves. Using Google Maps, voters can also check the location of their respective polling booth with the help of the website. Voters can also register complaints and grievances.

1950 – Toll Free Number

Election Commission has also launched Toll Free number 1950 for the voters which will work in every district of Uttarakhand. By adding the district code before the toll free number, voters can reach the Electoral Office and state their suggestions and complaints.

EVM to confirm voter voted right candidate

Voters in Uttarakhand will, for the first time, will be able to know if they actually voted for the right candidate. During the upcoming elections, Voter-Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) will be attached to the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). Once the voter presses the button on EVM, a receipt will be generated which shows the name of the candidate and the party symbol. Voter submits the receipt back to the EVM after verifying it. This would help greatly in preventing electoral frauds.

Poll Booths to be not more than 2 km far

The state will have more than 10,000 polling booths during the upcoming 2017 Uttarakhand Elections. Election Commission has decided that polling booths will not be more than 2 km far. This will ensure the voters do not have to travel far. However, there may be few polling booths in the hilly terrain where voters may have to walk 12 -25 kms to vote.