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2016 Sanjay Chopra Awardee Sumit from Dehradun became Government House Guest

Sumit Mamgain whose chivalry has become the headlines of Dehradun to Delhi received the honour of being the guest at Government House. This young stallion was conferred with the 2016 Sanjay Chopra award at Republic Day. Left in awe by his courageous spirit, Uttarakhand Governor Dr K.K Paul also honoured him at the Raj Bhawan.

Sumit’s story has left everybody in awe

Nobody knew that a 15-year-old boy from Raipur could challenge a leopard to fight and save his little brother from his claws. Sumit who had a ferocious fight with a leopard saved his brother from his clutches for which the Government of India bestowed him with the 2016 Sanjay Chopra award in Delhi. On a special invitation from the Government House, Sumit along with his father visited the Governor and blessed everybody with his presence. The brave heart from Dehradun told his heroic story and also shared his brief encounter with PM Narendra Modi and the President Pranab Mukherjee at Delhi. He also shared his moment of pride at the Republic Day Parade performed at Rajpath.

Governor KK Paul honoured Sumit at the Government House by inviting him as his Chief Guest

The Governor praised Sumit’s mettle and bestowed him with a bravery emblem along with a cash prize of Rs. 50,000. The governor also honoured his father Suresh Mamgain by presenting a shawl to him. Bhartiya Bal Kalyan Parishad had opened an account in the name of Sumit in which Rs. 1,100 from the council, Rs. 40,000 from PM and Rs. 20,000 from the President has been deposited. During the programme held at the Government House, the Council’s Vice President Dr. IS Paul, Dr. Kusumrani Naithani, Madhu Beri, BK Dobhal, Kamleshwar Prasad Bhatt, Sholoman Prakash, Kusum Kothari and many other honourable guests were present.