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World record attempt: 1500 dhol-damau drummers to play in unison at Haridwar on Aug 10

The iconic percussion instruments of dhol-damau are symbols of Uttarakhand’s folk culture and heritage. In order the preserve the iconic musical instrument and the players, the cultural department is planning something extraordinary. A world record will be attempted in which over 1,500 percussionists will play in unison at a cultural workshop organized by the government in Haridwar.

At present, the world record of largest gathering of percussionist belongs to Kohlapur in Maharashtra where around 1356 drummers played together. We are trying to break that record having  1,500 percussionists playing in unison.

– Beena Bhatt, Director, Cultural Department

The cultural workshop is named as “Om Namo Naad” and will be organized at Premnagar Ashram in Haridwar from 6th August to 10th August. On the last day, around 1,5oo drummers from all over Uttarakhand will congregate at the workshop and perform together and attempt to create a world record. More than 1,000 drummers have registered themselves for this event. The workshop is being organized under the guidance of prominent Jaagar folksinger Preetam Bhartwan and percussionist Omkardas.

These dhol-damau percussionists are the real folk artists of Uttarakhand. We need to have these kinds of workshops and events for the preservation of their beautiful art form. Via workshop, we will be able to learn about problems they are facing today.

– Preetam Bhartwan, Jaagar folksinger

In the cultural workshop, the dhol-damau percussionists from Uttarakhand’s will be exposed to different playing styles for different occasions such as Naubat, Shabad, Dhunyaal, Chauraat, Sultaani Taal, Pandav Nritya as well as invoking God-Goddess.

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