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100 Days of BJP Government: CM to set up commission to stop migration from the hills

With the completion of BJP government’s 100 days of governance in Uttarakhand, CM Trivendra Rawat announced the set up of commission to prevent migration from the hills. The commission, which will consist of a group of people officially charged with a particular function, will study the causes of migration as well as find solution to reverse the trend. The commission will submit its report to the state government upon completion.

During his speech on Sunday, CM said that he believes there are two main reason for migration from the hills – one is for better standard of living and other is helplessness. The government want to focus  its attention on helpless people who are forced to migrate from their homes.

  • 2.80 lakh houses have been deserted in Uttarakhand
  • More than 32 lakh people have migrated from Uttarakhand since its formation
  • More than 1000 villages in Uttarakhand have been turned ghost

Govt to encourage indigenous contractors, to enforce Government Nursery Act

In an effort to provide livelihood for Uttarakhand natives, the government have decided to give preference to the native contractors for any a construction worth 5 crore and less after government prohibited corruption-ridden UP State Industrial Development Corporation (UPSIDC).

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The government will also bring Government Nursery Act on the table which will a major boost in encouraging horticulture and agriculture in the state. The act will make officials responsible for providing right saplings and seeds to the farmers. Failing to do so could result in six-month imprisonment.

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